L&B Environmental pride themselves in being a company capable of a diverse range of jobs, having a wealth of knowledge and experience in every field.

All Jobs are carried out in professional & discreet manner. None of our vans are marked. We see this as particularly essential in residential areas.

Pests rat

Proofing pigeon

Environmental Services

We provide Hedge trimming and Garden fencing. No Job is too big, or too small.

We have full facilities & equipment for overhauls & tree felling. Our operators are NPCT Qualified.

L&B also errect scaffold structures & are PASMA qualified

Did You Know?

"Wasps measure about 1.6 centimetres long and have a striped yellow and black body. Two species of wasp are found locally – 'common wasps' and 'German wasps'. Both are known for their sting."

"Nests can normally be found in holes in the ground or inside hollow trees, though they feel equally at home in sheds, wall cavities, eaves and roofs"

"Unusually large numbers of wasps around your home are an indicator of a wasp nest in close vicinity. You might also notice a nest that has been constructed."