Pest Control WASP

We manage pests that are harmfull to ecology, human health and the economy.


Complete erradication of pests is not always viable. The first step we take is to identify the pest that is causing the problem in your area. Once that is done, we draw out a plan to eradicate the pest. The strategy will involve learning about the behavior and the life cycle of the pests.

A careful selection of pest control methods aims are always implemented. This is very important because pesticides are chemical compounds and excess & irresponsible use of these can cause harm to the environment and human health.


Areas that we have worked on are always left in a pristine manner. Aftercare is of paramount importance to us & consider it to be part in parcel if our service.


Did You Know?

"Rats mainly exist in close contact with humans.

They generally move to buildings in autumn and winter for shelter and food; they're often found in warehouses, farms and roof spaces of houses. In summer they return to the open countryside to feed on growing vegetation. "

"When in the house rats will eat anything.. Rats have exceptionally powerful jaws and can eat most food stored in paper, plastic or cardboard containers"